Transforming HR with Technology

by Talent Plus

September 11, 2019Podcast

The modern workplace is continuously evolving, and technology has a large influence on that evolution. Whatever barriers workplaces used to face, like communication, management or efficiency barriers, have been overcome by the invention of technology. Internet and various software and applications have made it possible for businesses to remain focused on their goals with much less disruption by the day-to-day operations.

In this episode, we explore the role of technology on human resources, and how technology has shifted how we work.


  • What is the impact of technology on HR, how is it redefining how they do work?
  • What is design thinking and how does it affect the user experience?
  • How do you know you have created a great user experience?
  • What do you see as technology’s role in security?
  • What is the difference between analytics, machine learning and AI in HR?
  • What does the future look like for technology in the HR industry?