The “Plus” in Talent Plus: Relationships with Kent Woodhead

by Talent Plus

July 24, 2019Podcast

In this episode, we talk about what the “Plus” means in Talent Plus®.

While many people know of Talent Plus as a selection company that helps organizations select top talent, what they don’t know is that the “Plus” actually stands for relationships — a crucial part of our culture.

We take a pretty unconventional approach to building relationships. Most organizations very clearly draw the line between personal and professional life. We blur those lines (and we do that intentionally), creating a work life where your family, friends, hobbies and interests are all welcomed and encouraged at work. While it works for us, some people may look at us and think, “hmmm, these people are a little coo-coo.”

In this show, I’ll be tapping into the expertise of Kent “Woody” Woodhead. Woody is a management consultant at Talent Plus with 14 years of experience. Most of his time is spent traveling the world helping managers understand their talents and strengths. When he’s at the office, you’ll often find him being a social butterfly frolicking from desk to desk, inquiring about coworkers days, challenging people on new ideas, and making people laugh with his witty, unorthodox humor.


  • What does building relationships mean at Talent Plus?
  • What difference does blurring the line between personal and professional life make for an organization?
  • What happens if someone is resistant to bringing their personal life to the workplace? Are you still able to build strong relationships?
  • How do you create fluid relationships but still respect people’s boundaries?
  • Why don’t organizations already build these types of relationships?
  • How might organizations create a culture where relationships are important?
  • Do you think people who have best friends at work are more satisfied and engaged?