Talent Plus Founder and Co-Chairman, Kimberly Rath, Shares Her Favorite Podcast

by Talent Plus

June 23, 2017In The News

CB Nation recently added podcasts to their blogging community and reached out to entrepreneurs, including Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus ® Founder and Co-Chairman, to share their favorite business podcasts in “36 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Favorite Podcasts for Businesses and Entrepreneurs.” CB Nation shares that “podcasts are booming and especially for entrepreneurs and business owners it is a way to continue to grow and develop our leadership, marketing and even sales skills while continuing to run our ventures.”

For Rath, “Managing to Make a Difference” played by VoiceAmerica Network is her favorite. She shares that the podcast “is easily digestible, with stories, lessons and experiments shared with humor and real word experience.” Click here to learn more about Rath’s favorite podcast and all the other popular business podcasts.