Talent Plus Director of Asia-Pacific, Stephen Wang, is Interviewed by Inc. Southeast Asia

by Talent Plus

August 02, 2017In The News

Based upon our database of 60,000 leaders, Talent Plus recently conducted a study to learn cultural leadership styles, and Inc. Southeast Asia shared the results, highlighting Stephen Wang, Talent Plus Director of Asia-Pacific, and The Science of Talent ® in their article, “It’s A Match: 5 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Leader.”

Wang shares with Inc. Southeast Asia that “leaders in the Asia-Pacific region display characteristics that are heavily people-oriented and reliant upon an individual’s ability to navigate between cultural nuances and variances in work styles. These characteristics serve as tremendous assets in an ever-globalized workforce, and while cultural perceptions of great leaders may vary, a successful leader will lead from a position of strength despite cultural background or geographical difference.”

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