Talent Plus Associates Featured in “Fake News and the Hiring Process: Addressing Risks Before It’s Too Late”

by Talent Plus

February 28, 2017In The News

Kim Turnage, Talent Plus Senior Leadership Consultant, and Kimberly Shirk, Talent Plus Senior Marketing Analyst, are mentioned in a new blog produced by XpertHR. The article is about the issue of HR and fake news, “focusing on some commonly – and widely – held beliefs about HR practice that simply aren’t true.”

It also highlights that “claims made by job candidates in their resumes and during interviews have plagued HR leaders and hiring managers for decades.” Turnage shares that ““Vetting candidates has always been a multi-faceted process, but in an age where information abounds, and not all of it is accurate, nothing can substitute for a validated structured interview process.” Shirk also weighs in sharing, “The very best way to avoid ‘fake news’ in the hiring process is to take the subjectivity out of it.”

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