Mark Epp, Senior Management Consultant, Discusses Job Interviews

by Talent Plus

August 31, 2017In The News

NailPro recently reached out to HR industry experts, including Mark Epp, Talent Plus ® Senior Management Consultant, to seek tips on nailing a great job interview for their blog, “How to Get That Gig: 6 Tips for a Polished Job Interview.”

NailPro proposes: “You’ve been quietly sending out your resume and you finally got a call for an interview with a top salon. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part—getting hired. From what to wear, bring and say to the best way to leave a good impression (hint: write a thank you note!), here, six tips for nailing your next job interview.”

According to Epp, the best thing you can do is “…to have on hand copies of your professional license, certifications and awards, plus a current – and typo-free! – resume focused on beauty industry positions.” Click here to learn more from Epp and the fellow experts.