Make A Difference: Don’t Make Relationship Conflicts Worse

by Talent Plus

June 12, 2017Leadership

Conflict exists. There’s no getting around that fact. People frequently turn to their manager to referee. In fact, research from The Ken Blanchard Companies suggests 64% of people wish they could talk about problems with colleagues “often” or “all the time” in one-on-one conversations with their managers. When they get asked to mediate conflict, managers can make things better…or worse.

Listen in as Larry Sternberg and I discuss questions like:

  • When should you mediate conflict between employees (and when should you not)?
  • What are “trusting behaviors,” and how can they help you work through conflict and enhance relationships?
  • How does the need to be “right” play into resolving conflict?
  • What is the role of listening?
  • As a manager, how can conflict create opportunities for you to help people to grow?

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This is part of a series highlighting excerpts from our new book, Managing to Make a Difference. Next up: Go Ahead, Get Close to Your People. Connect with Kim Turnage and Larry Sternberg on LinkedIn to see the latest blog updates.