Is an “Experience” Changing the Industry?

by Talent Plus

August 27, 2019Podcast

With the changing nature of many industries shifting from transaction to interaction, the ability to create a world-class experience for customers and employees is the new competitive advantage.

In this episode, we talk about building relationships with clients and employees which ultimately create an experience that has them consistently coming back for more.


  • What does it mean to create an experience?
  • What have you learned from the hospitality industry in how to create an experience?
  • What does an ideal client experience look like?
  • How do client experiences and employee onboarding experiences overlap?
  • Why does creating an experience matter? What has been the impact of creating experience?
  • In building a relationship with the new employee, some new employees may need a “safe space.” do you act as that safe space?
  • What’s the difference between world-class experience and regular experience?
  • What’s the key to creating lasting client relationships and memorable experiences?