Improve Your Talent Pipeline and Manage Your High Potentials – The Purpose Behind Leadership (Part 7 of 7)

by Talent Plus

May 04, 2016Selection

There is nothing more important for the long-term success of your team, department and company than identifying your pipeline and managing your high potentials. Whether you are thinking about who to promote, how to identify your successor or how to be a better manager, this list of things to consider along with some key questions to ponder is a good place to start. In this blog series, we are exploring 25 ways to keep your great employees engaged and help them continue to out-perform everyone else.
This week we examine the purpose behind leadership.

Case 7: The answer to the question of why someone wants to be a manager does not have one right answer. However, in our studies of great leaders, we have come to learn that the best leaders are those who express a purpose that revolves around helping more people, finding ways to serve others in new or unique ways and implementing new strategies and ideas that will improve the customer/guest/patient experience in meaningful ways.
During your realistic job preview with any/all candidates for leadership roles, ask each person these questions and give them a few days to think to see if they are really ready.
20. Why do you want to be a manager/leader?
21. Are you willing to give up your individual contributor/Subject-Matter Expert (SME) tasks to others?
22. Are you willing to work longer hours and be at the mercy of your team?
23. Are you willing to recognize your team when things go well but accept the blame when things go wrong?
24. Are you a good counselor/coach and are you willing to do this frequently?
25. Is moving up more important to you than performing your current role with excellence?

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Brent Proulx, M.S., SPHR is a Management and Leadership Consultant for Talent Plus. He is passionate about helping people and organizations become more successful at what they do through the creation, implementation and perfection of strength-based measures for selection, development and coaching.
Brent Proulx
Management and Leadership Consultant