Generation Z

by Talent Plus

July 31, 2019Podcast

The millennial generation has been negatively stereotyped as lazy, entitled and without aspirations. There is countless research that describes the alleged differences of millennials in the workplace compared to the elder generation.

Despite evidence showing none of these generational differences are true, the debate continues. The next debate is centered around the up-and-coming Generation Z. Today, I’m going to pick the brain of a member of Generation Z who has a unique perspective on attracting this younger generation to your workplace.


Who falls into Generation Z and how are they unique?

What are some of the stereotypes that Gen Zers have to combat?

Why should we hire more Gen Zers, and what do they bring to the table?

What does the future workplace look like with Gen Zers, and what does this mean for businesses?

How do organizations attract and retain members of this generation?