Every Role is Significant

by Talent Plus

July 26, 2018BlogLeadership

Bryan Williams is a close friend and partner to Talent Plus. As the founder and leader of BW Leadership Academy, Bryan partners with Talent Plus to incorporate The Science of Talent into his customized leadership action plans through his academy. The BW Leadership Academy is a unique experience focused on building mid-managers into future senior leaders. In a recent post, Bryan shares the importance of finding significance in every job.

Recently, I drove up to a hotel and the valet parking attendant greeted me. When I asked him a general question, he wasn’t quite sure of the answer. But then he said, “I’m sorry, but I’m just a valet parking attendant.” I then told him that he is the 1st impression guests have when they arrive, so he actually has one of THE most important roles in the entire property! He genuinely thanked me for what I said, and told me that he NEVER thought of his job like that…until that moment. His manager should have been preaching that message to him everyday. A random guest (me) should not have been the 1st person to divulge such critical information. Takeaway: No one on your team should EVER feel like their role is insignificant. Explain the deeper purpose of each person’s role, and why that role helps the organization accomplish its objectives. Learn more at the upcoming BW Leadership Academy: Become the leader you are meant to be!

This blog was originally posted by Bryan Williams on his personal LinkedIn. Williams shares that “one of the greatest benefits to social media is the ability to share information (instantly) and be able to reach a large group of people – all over the world. “I always appreciate hearing your comments and join my LinkedIn network to be sure you keep up with my current posts.”

To your continued success!

Bryan K. Williams
Founder, BW Leadership Academy

Dr. Bryan K. Williams is a keynote speaker, consultant, author and a noted authority on service excellence, purpose-driven leadership and organizational effectiveness. Over the past ten years Bryan has worked closely with senior leaders to provide consulting, leadership and training expertise to hundreds of organizations in over 20 industries ranging from Healthcare to Luxury Hotels throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
Dr. Williams has earned degrees in Business Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Adult Education, including Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership.