Beyond the Quota: The Art of Diversity and Inclusion

by Talent Plus

August 06, 2019Podcast

Diversity and inclusion are topics at the forefront in the human capital industry. There’s been growing recognition of how critical it is to business performance.

While companies may think that having a diverse culture means simply not adversely impacting minority groups, there is much that goes into what a diverse and inclusive culture actually means.

In this episode, we talk about creating an organization with diverse talent, outside of the realm of how we typically think about diversity.


What does having a diverse culture of talent mean, and how has the concept evolved over time?
Why does it matter, and how do we prepare for the changes that follow a diverse culture?
What does a diverse team look like?
What’s the first step organizations must take to become diverse, and what are some of the challenges that will come up?
How will companies know that they’ve achieved a diverse culture and how long does it take to show benefits?

36 minutes

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