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Talent Predicts Current and Longitudinal Sales Excellence

Despite a tough market, this Talent Plus ® Client Partner experienced the positive impact and organizational benefits of holding out for top talent.


Diversity Increases by 26% with Talent Assessment

Talent Plus ® Assessment Selects Candidates with Greater Racial Diversity.


Talent to Sell Directly Impacts Bottom Line

For one fiscal year, a hotel company compared their top 25% salespeople to the bottom 25% according to the percentage of the goal attained, discovering considerable differences.


The Science of Talent ® Reduces Turnover and Saves Over $13 Million

A financial institution was interested in differentiating themselves by attracting, selecting and retaining top talent. Over a 15-year partnership with Talent Plus ®, all employees were selected or profiled using The Science of Talent ®.


Talented Reservation Employees Drive Revenue

A client partner analyzed the relationship between talent of individuals in the Reservations department and the revenue they generated. Throughout the study, top performers recommended by Talent Plus ® solutions routinely outperformed their counterparts.


Team Talent Assessed by Talent Plus® Influences First-Year Turnover

The Great Resignation and war for talent complicates already costly backfill processes. See how this Talent Plus ® Client was able to decrease turnover through The Science of Talent ® and Assessments.


Top-Performing Sales Associates Make $1.4M Difference

This hospitality client has found that selecting for sales talent can make a $1.4 million difference per associate. During the course of one year, they studied their highly recommended sales associates selected through the Talent Plus ® Quality Selection Process ® (QSP ®) as well as those considered contrast performers.

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