A Walk Along The Talent Plus Way®

by Talent Plus

September 10, 2015Webcasts

Has culture taken back seats to the daily tasks of your organization? Feel like you don’t have time to focus on culture as a fundamental core of your company? You might be missing something big!

Now is the right time to engage your people and make sure that the culture of your organization keeps talented people walking in your doors and staying. Join us for this information-packed webinar from our Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Kimberly Rath, and find out how Talent Plus ® has used culture as a cornerstone of the company since its first day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why building a great Talent-Based Culture ® is about more than giving away a free t-shirt
  • Why it’s important to measure culture and what you do with those metrics once you have them
  • How culture fits into overall business strategy and why it’s so important to the bottom line